Highlanders International Pte Ltd



Established 1999

At Highlanders, we are passionate about three things: food, health, and life.

To be exact, our fascination is about how food should create health and life in every person.

Some ‘eat to live’, while others ‘live to eat’. At Highlanders, we believe we should have both.

Since 1999, we have been on a mission to create wholesome food products that nourish and delight.

With each product, we choose to do it the ‘Highlanders’ way:

  • We formulate and experiment with our own recipes.
  • We curate for the best ingredients.
  • We oversee the product from start to finish.

Since then, we have successfully created a whole range of products that has proven to nourish and delight many.

We are glad that many have chosen to come on board our passion journey. 

As you check out our e-store, we welcome you to come on board with us!

Your Highlanders Team