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Bentong Ginger Brown Rice Tea 40s


The Tea for Warmth

Our Bentong Ginger Brown Rice Tea is developed using the signature Brown Rice Tea and is specially formulated to help:

  • Alleviate digestive problems;
  • Ease nausea and respiratory conditions;
  • Keep the body warm; and
  • Combat flu.

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    The Highlanders Bentong Ginger Brown Rice Tea is developed using the signature Brown Rice Tea and Bentong ginger. Bentong ginger, also known as the king of ginger, is rich in gingerol, which helps to alleviate digestive problems, nausea and respiratory conditions. A cup of Highlanders Bentong Ginger Brown Rice Tea on a cold and wet day keeps the flu away!

    • 40 sachets per bottle
    • Made from arsenic-free organic red brown rice
    • Caffeine-free
    • Keeps warm
    • Improves blood circulation
    • All-natural
    • Vegetarian

    Main Ingredients:

    • Bentong Ginger (文冬姜)
    • Red Brown Rice (红糙米)
    • Goji Berry (Wolfberry 枸杞)
    • Foxnuts (芡实)
    • Codonopsis (党参)
    • Licorice Root (甘草)

    6 Amazing Uses of the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea

    Additional information

    Weight 0.55 kg
    Dimensions 20 × 11 × 14 cm

    I just want to feedback that I love the brown rice tea. It gives me more energy and helps to sleep better. Most importantly, it helps my 6 year old son a lot. My son was urinating frequently in the night in the last 3 days. I gave him 2 small cups of brown rice tea yesterday and he didn’t urinate at all last night. I was so worried about him, as his bladder control became weak due to poor digestion and he was also having flu.
    Thanks for creating such a great and affordable product.

    I could not sleep for more than 5 years. I have gone to see many doctors but it was still the same, after taking your Brown Rice Tea, it is like magic, at least now I can sleep much better. I am so happy with your product.
    Mr Yong
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I started drinking the Brown Rice Tea since 2009 when I was having severe insomnia problem for more than 2 years. After drinking this tea for one month, 1 sachet a day, I realised my insomnia was recovering. I have totally recovered from my insomnia after the 2nd month. I can sleep soundly now.
    Woodlands, Singapore

    I purchased the Highlanders Brown Rice Tea and drank it daily. After a year, the annual health inspection showed that my cholesterol level had dropped and I am very proud and happy because now I can finally take the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT). With this, I can get an extra salary allowance for one year. I am confident with the product and will continue with the tea because it will keep my family healthy, regardless of old or young. Thank you.
    Sahabah Dasim

    I have been buying Highlanders Brown Rice Tea with your company. My family members regularly consume the Brown Rice Tea to control the diabetic problems.
    Hong Kong

    Started this Brown Rice Tea half a year ago. Firstly was quite skeptical over what a small sachet of tea can do. It proves me wrong after months of consuming. My conditions of sleepless nights and night urinating improves tremendously! And I love the product of Rainbow Congee. The kids love it too!

    A relative recommended this tea to me and guess what? I never regretted making this choice. No more feeling bloated and constipated like I used to. I must have my Brown Rice Tea every day!

    Thank you very much. I bought this Brown Rice Tea because it is really good to reduce high cholesterol as I tested mine every 3 months with just 1 small bag every day. Hope those who have high cholesterol also try this. Hope that everyone has good health!

    Better detox, better sleep, gastric problems and migraine reduced. Better appetite, sinus also better.
    Ms Ong

    Reduced uric acid, sleep well, diabetes and cholesterol problems under control.

    I am a diabetic patient and after consuming the brown rice tea, a month later, I went for checkup and found my sugar level dropped. I will continue to drink the tea.


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